Tucked away in Colonia La Gloria is a small, family-owned Mexican restaurant called "La Bruja" ('The Witch'). The name is appropriate, because the meals that come out of Roberto and Mari's kitchen are a delightful concoction of regional seasonings and spices. The menu is loaded with choices of appetizers, soups, sandwiches, dinner plates, and desserts.

salsaHomemade salsas - red and green - are placed on the table almost before you order. Appetizers include guacamole, pico de gallo, salbutes, empanadas, tostadas, sopes, enchiladas. You can make a full meal just from the appetizers!

"I made a lunch of their queso fondido and guacamole." ~ Holly Moore, www.hollyeats.com

queso fundido

© Holly Moore, HollyEats.com


© Holly Moore, HollyEats.com


© Holly Moore, HollyEats.com


Soups are homemade and include lime, chicken, and seafood soups. A specialty of the house, Chilpachole, is a soup/stew raved about by seafood lovers. Chilpachole is only served on Sundays, get there before 1 pm because they sell out.

"...they are very generous with the very fresh crab, an entire crab in the bowl, along with rock shrimp, fish, conch and pulpo (octopus). It takes a little work to get to the Caribbean crab meat, but seafood lovers like me know that a little elbow grease makes the shellfish taste even better." ~ Scott Ward

garlic shrimp

© Holly Moore, HollyEats.com


© Holly Moore, HollyEats.com

Another favorite (not shown) is kebobs: shrimp, pork, or chicken. A kebob has chunks of tender meat, green peppers, tomatoes, and onions, basted with a tasty marinade and cooked on the grill.

Note: Prices are in pesos


Above are just a few of the choices on the menu, which is written in both Spanish and English. Sometimes the translation may make you scratch your head, but that just adds to the charm of eating in a local family restaurant.

queso fundido queso fundido sope

La Bruja is located in Colonia La Gloria, one block east of the Little Yellow School House, right off the main east-west road near the cemetary. Just ask anyone in the area, they will be able to point you in the right direction. And remember, La Bruja delivers anything on the menu: 998-820-2044 from a local phone. Closed on Thursdays.

Thanks to Scott Ward, Karen Rosenberg, Holly Moore, Mark Snyder and Troy Bogden for their photo contributions