My favorite place to hang out on the island or well anywhere on this planet is Miguel's Moonlight...very few nights pass for me on Isla Mujeres where I don't at least stop in and say HOLA to Miguel (and maybe have a little tequila). Miguel's is also my favorite place to eat...Miguel is the consummate host..."Anything is Possible My Friend" is Miguel's unofficial motto...I love the man and I love his we start with some food from My Favorite Joint in The World...buen provecho...


Pescado Maya, my personal favorite single dish on the entire island and maybe in all of Mexico


Another shot of the Pescado Maya at Miguel's Moonlight...mmmm...


Miguel's Moonlight Special: lobster, shrimp, and fish in mojo de ajo (garlic sauce)...a Mexican classic

Those are my own personal are a few more "greatest hits"...


Excellent coconut shrimp and mango sauce...mmmm...


On Christmas Day Miguel served up a special Surf and Turf...Arrecherra Steak and Lobster Tail...and it was great...Feliz Navidad a mi estomago...LOL...


For Christmas Dinner, Miguel also offered up Mayan Style Turkey in Blackberry Sauce...he said the turkey came from his home village...this looked pretty good...


Mexican Salsa..where I come from we call this Pico de Gallo, this stuff is yummy...


Chips, Salsa, Guacamole mmmmmmm


Something for the kids? Something like a taste of home? Miguel has one of the best burgers on teh island and lots of snacks like chicken fingers and salads

Drinks? Miguel has drinks! He is a Master Mixologist with over 25 years experience and remember his motto "Anything Is Possible, My Friend". Miguel's Moonlight celebrates Happy Hours with 2x1 "Anything Is Possible, My Friend" times two!


An old friend drops by Miguel's Moonlight for a quick refreshment on Dec 24. Yes, Santa loves those minty mojitos!


Miguel's Moonlight is famous for featuring La Pinta Pomogranate Tequila: Here Kathy from Denver enjoys that unique Pomogranate taste


Miguel's Mixological Magic with the La Pinta Pomogranate Tequila extends to his renowned Pomogranate Margaritas...Muy Sabroso!


And of course, Miguel makes more "traditional" margaritas too...I take mine with Sauza Hornitos tequila...


One of my "special" Mojitos from Miguel...he knows I want my DOS POR UNO all in one big glass ("Anything is possible my friend")...this is My Favorite Cocktail In The Entire Known Universe...


Miguel himself grows the fresh mint he puts into his delightful really should try one of these, a refreshing concoction of mint and lime and rum

Try Miguel's Moonlight for a great night out on Isla Mujeres: Great Food, Great Drinks! And remember...
"Anything is possible, my friend!"
~   Scott